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Redefine Your Uniqueness

Take a deep dive into your individuality and see yourself in a new way.

with our Individuality Audit.

Not only do the Harrison Assessment reports help to guide you toward your most comfortable career paths, they also provide a framework for understanding your character traits and serve as a guide for personal growth.

Our Individuality Audit includes two 60-minute Comfort Career Coaching sessions with Rich, your personal Comfort Career Coach. You'll begin by taking the online Harrison Assessment SmartQuestionnaire, which is completed by most people in 25 minutes (and is not timed).

After taking your online Harrison Assessment Questionnaire, you'll have access to one of your Character Traits and Definitions reports:

  • General

    • describes your interests, task preferences, work environment preferences, employment expectations, and behavioral competencies by analyzing the character factors that give you the most and the least satisfaction

  • Job specific

Over time, your appreciation for different traits and tasks will grow and change. Re-taking this Audit over time allows you to track your progress in the areas you’ve identified for improvement.

I found great value in using the Individuality Audit that Rich Davis offers and have taken the Audit twice, once in 2017 and once in 2022. 


I compared the results of these two Audits for a specific purpose: to determine if seven years of daily spiritual practices had produced any change in how I experience my life as a human being. For that purpose, the Audits were indeed helpful.

Jim B. Self-diagnosed Autistic Individual

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