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Our Logo


At first glance, our logo may not make sense to you. You may ask, “What do two hands and the letter C have to do with career planning?” Let me explain….

Our logo depicts strong, yet soft, hands holding the C. This represents the most important relationship necessary to create your Comfort Career, trust.

Trust your Comfort Career Coach

Many of our clients are isolated due to fear and anxiety. Our Comfort Career Coaches are Qiwids, Qualified Individuals with Invisible Disabilities who have a special way of gaining our client’s trust by sharing their own experiences.

Trust Your Comfort Career Connection Team Members

Our Comfort Career Audit is designed to teach our clients to trust other people such as family members, friends, and professionals. We support our clients in identifying people who have no other agenda and will support their personal career goals. We support our clients to establish comfortable boundaries with other people in their lives who may not know how best to advise them.

Trust Who You Are

Using Harrison Assessment talent development reports, we help our clients see themselves realistically and as individuals. We help them identify the individual character traits they enjoy using and the traits they prefer not to use. We help our clients learn about their behavioral preferences and the challenging behavioral tendencies they may have. With this information, we support our clients to “get real” and to grow in self-acceptance.

Trust What You Do

Using CFACE, our Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration, we help our clients understand that they are on their personal Comfort Career Journey as is every other career seeker. We help them ask for help from their Comfort Career Connection Team members when taking challenging actions, to speak up and self-advocate. We empower every client to consistently move their Comfort Career Journeys forward, identify a series of well-planned Next Step Jobs, and create their Comfort Jobs.

“Trust in yourself and the people who can see your strengths. Take good care of yourself and the people around you. Continue to learn and do not rely only upon your own understanding of your potential at work”. (Adapted from the Bible, Proverbs 3:5-6)

Our clients learn to trust themselves, move past their worst fears, and take control of their lives and their careers. We hope this brief explanation helps you better understand our logo and our mission at Comfort Career Connections.

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