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Discover Careers You Will Enjoy and Your Comfortable Fit


We have developed the Comfort Career Audit™, a self-awareness and career planning tool that can help you move past your worst fears, embrace your individuality, discover your life passions, and create your Comfort Job.

Each Comfort Career Audit package has 3 components:

   1. Private virtual coaching — Rich Davis will be your private Comfort Career Coach. 

  • As an accredited Harrison Assessment Consulting Partner, I can customize your Audit using a variety of Harrison Assessment reports.

  • As a Qiwid™, a Qualified Individual with an Invisible Disability, I can share my personal experiences about the challenges of fitting in at work.

  • As a disability employment professional, I can share my expertise to help you manage your invisible disability comfortably.

   2. Learn CFACE™ — our Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration™:

  • Become empowered to navigate your Comfort Career Journey™

  • See how your Six Simple Qualifications™ can match what employers are looking for in the candidates they hire

  • Scroll down to stay connected and receive your free Comfort Job Creation Guide

   3. Harrison Assessment Powerful Predictive Analytic Technology

  • Dr. Dan Harrison's talent management system analyzes 175 individual character traits for your level of enjoyment. Choose from a variety of career and talent management reports that use this data and see yourself through this truly unique lens.

  • Identify the specific jobs you enjoy using the Career Navigator System

  • Determine if entrepreneurship would be a comfortable fit for you

  • Explore your individuality and comfortable work style

You can: ● Plan your realistic career pathway to success. ● Determine your comfortable fit as an entrepreneur. ● Determine your comfortable fit working virtually. ● Understand your individuality in a powerful new way. ● Identify the specific character traits that add to your career success and those that may get in your way. ● Learn about your behavioral tendencies and how to fit in more comfortably at work.

Comfort Career Audits are customizable and available from $350.
For more information click here.

To Explore your Options, Schedule a Free Comfort Career Conversation

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