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Discover Careers You Will Enjoy and Your Comfortable Fit

I have developed the Comfort Career Audit™, a career planning tool that combines the power of the Harrison Assessment talent management system with the humanity and empathy of a neurodivergent Comfort Career Coach.

Your Audit is a series of virtual private coaching sessions. You will learn CFACE™, our Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration™ and I will help you to see your qualifications for a broad variety of today's jobs.


As an accredited Harrison Assessment Consulting Partner, I can customize your Audit using a variety of Harrison Assessment reports.

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You can: ●Identify your career options and the specific jobs you will enjoy the most ●Plan a realistic career pathway to success ●Determine your comfortable fit as an entrepreneur ●Determine your comfortable fit working virtually ●Understand your individuality in a powerful new way ●Identify the specific character traits that add to your career success and those that may get in your way ●Learn about your behavioral tendencies and how to fit in more comfortably at work. As a Qiwid™, a Qualified Individual with an Invisible Disability, I will share my personal experience. As a disability employment professional, I will share my expertise to help you manage your invisible disability comfortably at work.

Comfort Career Audits are customizable and available from $395.
They include:
  • 60-minute virtual Comfort Career Coaching sessions

  • Access to your Harrison Assessment resources

  • Unlimited text and email support during your Audit

Schedule Your Free Comfort Career Conversation

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