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Rich is available to bring a free I AM a Qiwid™ (Qualified Individual With an Invisible Disability) Conversation to your job club, student support club, parent support group, employee resource group, or faith-based group. He is happy to speak as a panelist on webinars and on podcasts about neurodiversity in the workplace. 

Topics may include: 

  • The impact of disclosing my invisible disability later in life on my career. 

  • How I designed the Comfort Career Audit including developing CFACE, the Comfortable Fit Approach for Career Exploration, and my use of the Harrison Assessment. 

  • The Comfort Career Journey - How anyone can create their Comfort Job

  • The Six Simple Qualifications for Comfort Career Creation 

  • Developing Disability Pride

  • Thriving as a Disabled Entrepreneur.  

If you would like Rich to speak, please send a message describing your group, when your event will take place and the topics that are important to you. 


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