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Customize Your Comfort Career Audit™

Your successful Comfort Career Journey™ begins here.

Explore our Comfort Career Coaching packages to identify the best tools

and unlock your full potential at work.


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Standard Packages

Career Navigator Audit™ | $350

Harness the power of the Harrison Assessment Career Navigator System

  • 2 hours of Comfort Career Coaching

  • Up to 12 Harrison Assessment reports in your personal Harrison Assessment Career Navigator System with instructional videos 

    • Your personal Harrison Assessment Your Greatest Strength Report

    • Your personal Harrison Assessment Career Development Report

    • Up to 10 job specific Harrison Assessment Career Enjoyment Analysis Reports

“Rich has a unique gift of using assessments to guide job seekers. He utilized his experience, understanding, and compassion to help me move from a place of doubt to focusing on creating a better work-life balance. Thank you, Rich, for helping to make my life, and that of my family, more fulfilling and my job more comfortable.” - Jim D

Individuality Audit™ | $650

Explore your individuality through character trait analysis 

  • 4 hours of Comfort Career Coaching

  • Your personal Harrison Assessment Traits and Definitions Report

  • Everything offered in the Career Navigator Audit™ 

“I found great value in using the Individuality Audit that Rich Davis offers and have taken the Audit twice, once in 2017 and once in 2022. I compared the results of these two Audits for a specific purpose: to determine if seven years of daily spiritual practice had produced any change in how I experience my life as a human being. For that purpose, the Audits were indeed helpful.” - Jim B

Individuality Update Audit™  (For existing clients only) | $195

Discover how you are growing as an individual by re-taking the Harrison Assessment

  • 1 hour of Comfort Career Coaching

  • Your updated personal Harrison Assessment Traits and Definitions Report

Comfort Career Connections Audit | $1,195

Connects diagnosed and self-diagnosed neurodivergent career seekers to the people who support them

  • 8 hours of Comfort Career Coaching for you and the people who support you

  • Everything offered in the Individuality Audit™

“With Rich’s help, my Harrison Assessment Career Navigator helped me identify careers that I would enjoy and that would use my Aspie Superpowers. Rich has helped me understand myself more clearly, see my strengths, and accept my character traits that can get in the way of my success. I have a career plan and don’t feel helpless and lost anymore. I’ve found a new employer that hires people with autism and appreciates their strengths.” - Meg P

Customizable Packages

Comfort Career Coaching

Continue working with your Comfort Career Coach for a deeper understanding of your individuality and to help you connect to your Next Step Job.

  • Additional coaching is available at an hourly rate of $135

  • Purchase a package of four 50-minute sessions for $450

  • Purchase a package of four 50-minute sessions plus these additional Harrison Assessment reports for $500. Take a deep dive into your paradoxical behavioral tendencies, job search or entrepreneurship. 

    • Behavioral Paradox Mastery Guide​

    • ​​Entrepreneurship

    • Keyword

    • Job Success Analysis

    • Employer's Interview Guide

  • Additional prices vary for these Harrison Assessment reports:

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • ​Remote Worker

    • Leadership

    • Sales

Next Step Job Audit

Navigate your next career move with confidence. Use your Harrison Assessment reports to:

  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile 

  • Learn to interview with confidence 

  • Connect to your next employer with valuable predictive analytic data

“I had a terrible time in college while attempting a double major in Biology and Mathematics. I found myself completely burnt out and failing a few classes. I was confused.

Mr. Davis and I took the Comfort Career Audit together. I found it to be very engaging, that it looked complex but was simple, and gave me many career options that were relevant for my future. I found that I was actually very interested in art, and Amy list of career options proved this fact.

Today, I am a college graduate from La Salle University with a BA in Digital Arts and Multimedia Design.” - James N

Remote Work Audit

Not sure if remote work is right for you?


  • Maximize your performance and meet the challenges of working in a remote environment.

  • Identify your specific character traits needed for effective remote productivity and communication. 

  • Choose from two versions of the behavioral competency reports. One for remote workers and the other for leaders who manage remote workers.

  • Harrison Assessments won the Brandon Hall Silver award for Innovating Remote Workforce Analytics in the category of Best Advance in Technology Innovation for the Remote Workforce.

Entrepreneurship Audit

Imagine knowing if you would enjoy being an Entrepreneur before investing any money or time in your business!


  • The Harrison Assessment Self-Employment Behavioral Competency report will clearly indicate your tendency to be effective when self-employed.

  • Picture being able to easily target and develop the specific character traits you will need to develop to be a successful entrepreneur.

  • Consider the impact that one report and as little as one hour of Comfort Career Coaching could have on your life.

Behavioral Paradox Mastery Audit 

Discover how to leverage your strengths against your weaknesses for greater success at work

  • Your personal Harrison Assessment Behavioral Paradox Mastery Guide

  • Understand the traits to develop that will most impact your job performance.

  • Turn hidden de-railer behaviors into strengths

  • Learn how to proactively manage stress behaviors

To Explore your Options, Schedule a Free Comfort Career Conversation

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